Combining Gaming and Blockchain Education.

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Gaming Platform

Experiance the thrill

Our project will bring its own Gaming Platform that will have more than 20,000 games from 18 different categories like Multi-player, Action, Adventure, Racing, etc. The platform will bring together some of the most classic games at one single place.
It will have an automated system that will enable it to add new games every single day. So, the number will keeping growing rapidly beyond 20,000 .



Year 2021 has been a boom for Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency Ecosystem, and unfortunately for the unethical practices associated with it.

The Blockchain Education will be aimed to reduce exploitation of investors and scams in cryptocurrency space. All the proceedings of Blockchain Education will come from professional Ethereum and BSC developers with deep understanding of the space.

The $Xperia token

Our tokenomics have been designed to provide both stability and reward holders while sustaining the ecosystem development and growth.

A 13% transaction tax grants at the same time a constant increase of holdings for our investors, liquidity, and funding for our venture

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Passive income for holders

About our platform

Our platform will attract traffic from people interested two different genres/fields. Gamers will get a chance to learn and education seekers a chance to chill! The bi-directional traffic will be instrumental in increased user base and, thus, good tax revenue from adds on the platform. The adds and tax revenue will, then, be used for various development purposes.

Xperia will allow it holders to earn Passive income through everyday transactions. In addition, to be eligible for winning prizes in bi-weekly community games, one must be an investor in Xperia, which will encourage more buying adding another utility.

The Gamers
The Learners
Our platform
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Phase 1
2021 / 2022
Platform design & prototyping
Website design & Development
Unroll Marketing plan
Referral Bot Competition
Collaborations with Investor groups.
Public AMA sessions.
pre-sale on Pinksale
Launch on Pancake Swap
Listing on CoinGecko
Listing on CoinMarketCap
Logo on Web3 Wallets and Pancake Swap
Listing Announcements and other details reveal.
Phase 2
Expand Development Team
Platform Testing
Gaming Platform Launch
Hiring Ethereum, BSC developers and experts for Blockchain
Education integration.
Phase 3
Community Games.
Rewards/Prize distribution.
Extended Marketing
Blockchain Education details annoucement and unrolling.
Sustainable model setup
Continued Research and Development to keep pace with Blockchain and Crypto Ecosystem
Future Updates

Frequently Asked Questions

Will contract ownership be renounced?
If you're not renouncing, how can I be sure as an investor that I won't be scammed or rugged?
When CoinGecko / CoinMarketCap?
Where will Xperia be listed?
When is the Pre-sale?